Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Internet Freedom Disk Introduction

Retake your Internet! Once again browse any page! Click any item! Surf with impunity!

Forget about Viruses! Forget About Spyware! Forget about Trojans! Forget about Firewalls! GONE GONE GONE!

UPDATE: NEW VIDEO! INTERNET FREEDOM DISK - Surf With /Hard Disk In Virtual Vault - Click here for another funny movie.

Whoa! How can this be? The geeks have come to your rescue. Not the "friends" the make you pay pay pay! NOOOO! The gangs at Microsoft, Norton, McAfee have all been profiting by our misfortune. The more the Internet hurts us, the more we spend with them to protect ourselves. Well, do you feel more safe or less safe today on the Internet than you did 3 years ago?

Well the geek squad has come and delivered the Internet Freedom Disk! (my name not theirs). You are saved. Once again the Internet is a safe place to wander and play. And the geeks don't charge! That's right it's FREE! Whoa! Thank a geek today!

To understand the solution you need to understand the problem. The nasties are things like Viruses, Trojans and Spyware. You don't have to know much about them except that they are REALLY NASTY. They destroy data, steal identities, take money, and ruin reputations.

The nasties spew their doom from hidden places on your computer hard drive. The nasty people have thousands of ways to get these nasties from the web to your hard drive, and they invent new ways all the time as evidenced by the continuous stream of anti-virus updates and Microsoft patches you receive.

How can anyone feel safe that Microsoft and their anti-virus/firewall vendors have completely cleaned and protected them from the nasties? The thought baffles me.

What does the Internet Freedom Disk look like?

Firefox Web Browser in Action (what is that green stuff?)

Has a full Office Suite! ... Sweet!

What is the Internet Freedom Disk?

The IFD is a CD-ROM. With it, your computer does not need its hard drives.

The existing hard drives are virtually put into a vault and sealed! With the hard drives locked away there is no way for the nasty people to get there grubby little hands on your hard drives to install their nasty Spyware, Viruses and Trojans. Oh Baby! How sweet is that?

With the IFD in your computer you can turn on the computer and the IFD takes over. If your computer doesn't see the IFD then you will need your geek friend to help you get your computer to "boot from the CD-ROM" (the "geekster" will understand).

What can you do with the Internet Freedom Disk?

When your computer is running the IFD you can do just about anything you normally do with your computer. It comes with the award winning FireFox web browser, 15 games, a complete Office Suite that reads and writes MS Word and Excel files,and a whole lot more. Did I mention this was FREE? Whoa, time to thank the geeks again!

About the only thing you can't do is save any data? After all, the hard drive is locked up in the vault! That was the whole idea right? Well don't fret, you could save information to a flash drive (those cheap little memory sticks you put on your key chain). Actually there are a number of other alternatives I will write about in the future.

Most importantly you can Browse the Internet with Impunity!
What can't the Internet Freedom Disk do? Protect you from phishing scams. Phishing is when a nasty site is made to look visually identical to another site, typically a banking site. You get to these sites by bogus links in emails or by making a "typo" when typing in the URL yourself. vs the correct for example. Now once you are at this nasty site you key in your user-name and password and then GOTCHA! The Nasty people have what they need to go on a shopping spree. Unfortunately there is very little anyone but YOU can do to protect you from phishing. A few rules are NEVER NEVER NEVER click on an untrusted link to access a secure web site. That includes links in emails, on other web pages etc. Did I say NEVER? YES I DID .... NEVER! Good, we are now done with phishing. Where to get your Internet Freedom Disk?

There are a few different IFD's out there. The geeks call them Live-CD's. They don't look to alive to me, but the geeks have a habit of choosing bad names for things, sad but true. You will have to know what an .iso file is and how to burn it. If that just scared you then just buy a large pizza with extra cheese and a six-pack of beer. Then invite your geek friend over to do it for you. This way is much easier and more fun.

My favorite (free download):

Most geeks favorite (free download):

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Come back soon and learn some "Way Cool" tips and tricks about your IFD!