Friday, October 05, 2007

The Internet Prophylactic

First off, understand this: There is now a Worm that cannot be defended against in a Windows environment!

Today's Slashdot front page story "Cracked Linux Boxes Used to Wield Windows Botnets" and yesterdays WIRED article Gathering 'Storm' Superworm Poses Grave Threat to PC Nets pen some scary news about the state of the Internet. At risk is none other than our personal wealth and security.

What hope is there for our sons, daughters, wives, husbands, Grandmas, Grandpas ,coworkers and friends against these threats considering their mindless propensity to be click happy.

"they can't RTFM then they are SOL"

There is hope. Most computer savvy readers here know and use the best Internet prophylactic available but never share their secret with poor relations commonly known as the "Minions of Dr. Click Happy". The authors of these articles also chose not to share this secret after penning those dooming words. Why be so secretive? Because not only doesn't it make a dime, it generates work for the saviors in the form of support requests! Yep, be "Mr Nice Guy" and your phone and inbox will we stuffed with support calls by the "Minions of Dr. Click Happy". It's obvious if they can't RTFM then they are SOL!

"who likes prophylactics anyway?"

We love them dearly, but still they are SOL! Your brother the Dentist isn't banging down your door to give you a free teeth cleaning is he? Our secret was always a bit tricky anyway. Even we had occasional problems using it and who likes prophylactics anyway? Well just as the explosion in STDs has made the word condom acceptable in common discussions, STROM and Linux Rootkits may now make our secret more open for discussion in the company of the Minions of Dr. Click Happy.

"clear our muddy conscience"

Just as there has been great improvements in user friendliness/acceptance of prophylactics so has there been great improvements in the user friendliness of our little secret. Maybe now with the combination of the indefensible STORM worm, more SaaS offerings and an our amazing secret we can now clear our muddy conscience and point the Minions of Dr. Click Happy to the Internet Freedom Disk. At home and the office it just may save countless hours of unpaid off hour repair work for ourselves.